Hey, who do you think you are?

Alex Berardino: Network Semantics

Alex_newFull Time Contributor

I’m currently a PhD student in the Laboratory for Computational Vision, which is a part of the Center for Neural Science at NYU.  I know what you’re thinking, and yes, being a lab rat is the glamorous life that you’ve always heard.  When I’m all grown up, I’d like to think that I’d make a good professor.  Mostly I’d just love to see the look of confusion and awe on the faces of young bleary-eyed collegiate Freshmen as they find out how massively mysterious that huge hunk of meat between their ears really is.   I’m currently trying to find my way as a graduate student, this is what I think about in my off time.

Guest Contributors

Evan Stein: The DOPEamine signal

Evan is currently a PhD student in Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Texas Austin.

Here’s a little about him in his own words

Like every born and raised New Yorker, I’ve made my way down south.  I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience with the end goal of ultimately becoming a professor.  Helping people work though a problem(s), and helping them use their own intuition to guide them to the answer (or, most importantly, question) is something that I value and stress.

Other than that, in no particular order, I love the brain (you should know this by now), Rocky Raccoon, the Beatles, and beer. I also like to play the piano and guitar, watch (and quote) movies, Human Planet (check it out if you haven’t), and various cartoons including Regular Show and Adventure Time.

Gregory Guitchounts: Deep Brain Stimulation


Greg is currently Ph.D. student in the Neurobiology program at Harvard University.

In his own words:

I like to think that I have time to do awesome research, practice piano, compose music, train for marathons, read, write and have a beer or two every once in a while. Whether or not this is true, I can’t tell you.  When I’m not in lab, I am trying to add on to my list of favorite books, which now include The Brothers Karamazov, Lolita and The Fountainhead.

Steve Ramirez : Pardon the Engram 

Steve is currently a PhD student in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.

In his own words:

Currently, I’m a grad student at MIT working towards a PhD in neuroscience. I spend my days in lab poking and prodding away at mouse brains in order to one day prevent or cure memory-impairing diseases in humans. My work specifically focuses on identifying the cells that encode a particular memory, tricking those very cells to turn on or off in response to light, and then either erasing or re-activating that memory with the same flashes of light. Think Eternal Sunshine, minus Elijah Wood.

In the future, I’d like to be a professor because science, admittedly, makes me feel an encouraging kind of stupid (doy). And throughout, I write and blog mainly to promote neuroscience literacy. In its own way, each post should take  any reader behind the scenes of his or her own head in a joint effort to truly understand one humbling data point: your brain is a breathtakingly complicated 3 pound lump of undercooked custard.

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