Bullfighting and Animal Rights

The BBC reports a minor victory for animal rights today, in the signing of a law banning bullfighting in Catalonia. This shameful tradition will continue in other Spanish states, though, as will even more despicable forms of animal torture in industrial farms around the world.

We are making progress, however, and should treat this ban as a success; and look back on the rise of small farms in the US as a good starting point. However, we need to work hard over the next few decades to encourage people’s circle of empathy to expand. This of course doesn’t mean that we can’t eat steak- only that we don’t need to torture anyone to get it. Nor does compassion toward animals mean we can’t do animal research – only that lab animals need to have relatively happy, social and pain-free lives.

Story from the BBC:


And insight into animal rights from Peter Singer:


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