Hello Interwebz!


We here at mind the gap are passionate proponents of the neural sciences, and everything that comes with that.  We love neurons, technology, philosophy, and arguing, what better way to combine all of these than to start a blog. 

Throughout the course of this blog, you’ll read updates on what we think is the latest and greatest coming out of the neuroscience community, both here an abroad.  You’ll see arguments for competing theories, reflections on the nature of consciousness, updates from scientists who are leaders in their fields and things that we think are….well, cool.  Throughout all of these posts, one overarching theme should become obvious.  We are all passionate about scientific outreach and education and believe that somewhere along the way, the scientific community and the public have become far too distant.  This has led to distrust and animosity, fueled by confusion, misinformation, and ignorance, on both sides.  We aren’t willing to accept this as the necessary fate of scientific discourse in this country, and we aim to start changing that.  We hope, that through thoughtful discourse, intelligent insight, and quirky, offbeat comedy, we may be able to bring these two groups back together.

To do this however, WE NEED YOU.  This thing can only thrive with helpful interaction and feedback from you, the reader.  Please comment, write to us, ask if you can contribute.  We want this blog to be a conversation, not a soliloquy.

Over the next four days, you will see four posts in response to the same theme.  This is something we intend to do this at the beginning of each month, in one form or another.  For our first go, we intend to address the issues laid out above.  Hopefully, this will set us on our way.

Stay tuned for more…


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